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Hello, remember me?

Hey its been a little while since I updated. I guess thats because I haven't really had anything to say. I think I've already mentioned my new job. Its going really well. I love working there, and there are even beautiful straight boys there. Tips are amazing.


I feel like I haven't been to Hollywood Video in forever. They called me and wanted me to come in today, but here are the reasons I said no:

- I worked at Julia's this morning, so I'm tired

- I'm taking Rebecca to the airport

- I'm watching the TONY'S tonight!!!


So yeah thats about it. My apartment is looking better and better each day. I got into a weird Martha Stewart kick yesterday so I have all these crazy ideas. I bought this really cool vase at a garage sale for $1. I also picked up this weird metal leaf. It is sitting on my kitchen table with colored fish tank marbles, sea shells from Brighton Beach, and tea lights. I love it.


Anyway, I should go. But if you guys wanna have some wierd re-naming fun go here! They have some crazy name-generators.

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