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daaaaaay caaaaamp (and some other stuff)

So tonight was daycamp training (coat hanger). 3 hours of fuuuuun. Well actually it was. I got to sit with Mumbles, and she's awesome. And we both get senior treatment, so we can goof off and not really get in trouble for it. I am sooooooo excited for it, because I get 7th grade boys (all boys that I've had in the past) and I get my two favorite junior staffers, Zach and Chris (aka Pixxie and Suzie). Aaaand, even though I'm not going to be at the on-site training where they give out campsites, they're still going to give me the campsite I want. AAAAND, I don't have to make camper calls. Yay! oooh...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, the theme for the first week is Harry Potter. It is going to be soo wonderful. Yes.

And in other news, (but still on the Harry Potter thing) I pre-ordered my Harry Potter book the other day. I will be picking it up at the Fullerton Barnes and Noble in California. Oh yeah. A little bit of airplane reading material. My birthday is going to rock.

PS. I miss you.
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