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Hi there...

Guess what? I'm still alive.

I just recently re-discovered LJ. I've been spending all my time on myspace and facebook. (If any of you have one of those and, don't have me added, come find me!) Nothing much going on with me, except for everything. School is crazy. Lots of stuff to memorize and do, and in shows while auditioning for another. I am trying really hard to find something to do over the summer. I want to do Couer d'Alene summer theatre. Any musical theatre summer workshops or shows would be great.

I also want to do Miss Auburn again. Yeah, I know its like, the third time I've said I'd come back. Lets see if it happens. It will affect how my summer goes, if I decide that I can do it, based on my school schedule.

I'm feeling a little sick today. This blog is actually completely random, since its been what, since August when I last posted? Yeah, well I better go catch the shuttle back up to my lovely apartment, so I can get some work done before class and rehearsal tonight.
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