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Box of "Eat Me"

Maggie Barrie Patterson
17 July
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Date Created:19 Sept 04
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Brynne is an excited student at Cornish College of the Arts where she is training to be a fabulous actress. Enjoying travel, she has been to England, Scotland, and France. Oh, and Canada, but that doesn't really count. She is also an exceptional employee at Hollywood Video, and loves Scholarship Pageants. They're fun, and so is she.
Strengths: Obsessive Compulsiveness (I'm very efficient), Singing, Arguing, Being Assertive
Weaknesses: Being Obsessive Compulsive (there's two sides to every leaf), Boys
Special Skills: Lazer gaze aka the look of death, picking up people and throwing them far distances, walking in heels
Weapons: lazer gaze, my incredible strenght and the knives that come out of my heels
Notable Roles: -Cobweb/A Fairy in A Midsummer Night's Dream -2nd Man/3rd Tenor/Police Person in Sweeney Todd -Prince Escalus in Romeo and Juliet -Aunt Eller in Oklahoma! -Feste in Twelfth Night -Lois Lane in Kiss Me, Kate

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