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Box of "Eat Me"
20 most recent entries

Date:2006-02-16 15:21
Subject:Hi there...
Mood: complacent

Guess what? I'm still alive.

I just recently re-discovered LJ. I've been spending all my time on myspace and facebook. (If any of you have one of those and, don't have me added, come find me!) Nothing much going on with me, except for everything. School is crazy. Lots of stuff to memorize and do, and in shows while auditioning for another. I am trying really hard to find something to do over the summer. I want to do Couer d'Alene summer theatre. Any musical theatre summer workshops or shows would be great.

I also want to do Miss Auburn again. Yeah, I know its like, the third time I've said I'd come back. Lets see if it happens. It will affect how my summer goes, if I decide that I can do it, based on my school schedule.

I'm feeling a little sick today. This blog is actually completely random, since its been what, since August when I last posted? Yeah, well I better go catch the shuttle back up to my lovely apartment, so I can get some work done before class and rehearsal tonight.

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Date:2005-08-21 18:30
Subject:Not my best
Mood: numb

I'm really tired lately. I've been sleeping better than I have been in the past, but I don't think its just lack of sleep contributing to my lackadasical attitude of late. I was reading Jen's post and I think her mood was put so nicely. "In a funk". I am in a deep funk right now. Almost a rut you might say. Not quite a depression, though I have been crying randomly, and not just at Disney movies. I got really mad at my Mom for things she was saying on the phone, so I started punching an empty plastic milk carton once we were off the phone. When those things have their lid on tight, they have a lot of give to them. Try it, its very calming.

I found out that one of the children who was at the daycare I worked at years ago is now in the Children's Hospital. She has MS and has always been in a wheel chair. It was really great working with her. I was the only one strong enough at the daycare to be able to hold her and take her down slides and swing with her. It turns out that her back is really crooked and bent out of shape. In order to fix it, they need to fuse her spine. (not really sure what they mean, but sounds intense) And, in order to do this, she needs to double her weight. She's always been just skin and bones, and they don't think she can do it. They don't think she is going to make it. This is also why I was punching the milk carton. To get the frustration and sadness out.

I don't even feel like getting out of bed in the morning. I don't want to get up and put on makeup and do my hair. I barely have the will to lift my toothbrush to my face. I need someone to talk to. Not just anyone will do. I need you.

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Date:2005-08-15 16:56
Mood: silly

Popular interests among CaptainDante's friends
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5. singing (6) 15. piercings (4)
6. drama (5) 16. alice in wonderland (4)
7. cornish (5) 17. acting (4)
8. johnny depp (5) 18. the pixies (3)
9. the nightmare before christmas (4) 19. sex and the city (3)
10. harry potter (4) 20. chocolate (3)
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Yeah! Who's my most interesting friend? ME!

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Date:2005-08-14 12:36
Subject:Sorry guys...
Mood: hopeful

How Will Your Friends Die? by arshus_ney
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Will Be Abducted By Aliensnotsarcastic
Will Suffocate In A Corsetfiducia_sogni
Will Be Smushed In A Trash Compactor29_pearls
Will Be Burned As A Witchcant_wake_up
Will Be Slain By Their Loverangiebean
Will Be "Hit" By The Mafiaalwaystruetoyou
Will Discover Immortalityhiiamerin
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Date:2005-08-13 13:56
Subject:Crazy Crazy Dream...
Mood: curious

I had a dream that I was in the car with my mom and nana, and they were taking me to a surprise location. Halfway there they tell me that they entered me in the Sweeper Pageant as a surprise and everything is ready, I just have to show up. They chose my song for me (Tomorrow, from Annie) and that Holly Brewer whipped up a little outfit for the number. While in the car my nana hands me 87 cents. (3 quarters, a dime and 2 pennies) I recognize this as an achievement award, that she gives me only when I win. Then she says, oops I guess I shouldn't have shown you until after the pageant. In my dream this reassures me that I'm going to win and she already knows it, its guaranteed, but when I woke up and thought about it logically, I would have just thought she was being optimistic. I get there and everyone is glad to see me, but a lot of people whisper behind their hands. (I felt like Harry Potter) I can't find my stuff (i.e. my dress and shoes and makeup) so someone tells me to find Holly on the 250 level of the building. I walk around feeling very confident, knowing I'm going to win. When I reach the landing on the stairs, my cell phone rings, and I recognize it as the ringtone I set for when Catherine calls. Thats when I wake up to Catherine calling me.

Crazy. I think the Annie song comes from my subconcious reminding me that I need to buy Annie tickets. And the Holly Brewer thing, because she hasn't e-mailed me back, and in my dream I couldn't find her, or my costume that I was told she made me (my packet that should have been sent but I haven't gotten yet). The whole pageant thing is kinda weird, but I've had a dream before where I was just entered in a pageant and I found out day-of. It happened the year before I was actually in the Miss Auburn Pageant.

Which brings me to my next topic (or, really the topic of the whole entry) The Miss Auburn Pageant. I plan on doing it again, but its going to be really tight, no matter which show I am cast in. I have to talk to them and ask for a rough schedule of the first few weeks, because no matter what, I will miss 2 weekends, one for the tech rehearsal, and one for the show. I did this the last year when I was crewing for a show. I dunno though. I wanna do it, and I can really use the money, but I have to be ready for it, (i.e. have a song picked out, and good idea of a dress, and other outfits) way before it even happens and has cause to stress me out. I could really use some advice from Rae and Liz right now, and anyone else who thinks they might have an opinion. Thanks guys.

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Date:2005-07-23 10:24
Subject:Look ma, no hangover!
Mood: very pleased

Movie Star You! by ladyallie
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Your usual co-star is...cant_wake_up
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Yay, Ziggy wants to marry me...and she's a man? (weird)

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Date:2005-06-20 22:43
Subject:daaaaaay caaaaamp (and some other stuff)
Mood: jubilant

So tonight was daycamp training (coat hanger). 3 hours of fuuuuun. Well actually it was. I got to sit with Mumbles, and she's awesome. And we both get senior treatment, so we can goof off and not really get in trouble for it. I am sooooooo excited for it, because I get 7th grade boys (all boys that I've had in the past) and I get my two favorite junior staffers, Zach and Chris (aka Pixxie and Suzie). Aaaand, even though I'm not going to be at the on-site training where they give out campsites, they're still going to give me the campsite I want. AAAAND, I don't have to make camper calls. Yay! oooh...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, the theme for the first week is Harry Potter. It is going to be soo wonderful. Yes.

And in other news, (but still on the Harry Potter thing) I pre-ordered my Harry Potter book the other day. I will be picking it up at the Fullerton Barnes and Noble in California. Oh yeah. A little bit of airplane reading material. My birthday is going to rock.

PS. I miss you.

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Date:2005-06-05 16:11
Subject:Hello, remember me?
Mood: chipper

Hey its been a little while since I updated. I guess thats because I haven't really had anything to say. I think I've already mentioned my new job. Its going really well. I love working there, and there are even beautiful straight boys there. Tips are amazing.


I feel like I haven't been to Hollywood Video in forever. They called me and wanted me to come in today, but here are the reasons I said no:

- I worked at Julia's this morning, so I'm tired

- I'm taking Rebecca to the airport

- I'm watching the TONY'S tonight!!!


So yeah thats about it. My apartment is looking better and better each day. I got into a weird Martha Stewart kick yesterday so I have all these crazy ideas. I bought this really cool vase at a garage sale for $1. I also picked up this weird metal leaf. It is sitting on my kitchen table with colored fish tank marbles, sea shells from Brighton Beach, and tea lights. I love it.


Anyway, I should go. But if you guys wanna have some wierd re-naming fun go here! They have some crazy name-generators.

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Date:2005-05-29 16:39
Subject:Desicions Desicions...
Mood: geeky


Am I good or bad?

Or the question is...

Would I rather be good or bad?

Check out their details!

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Date:2005-05-29 14:41

. You scored as Rogue. rogue. with a personality like hers, you must be aware that you radiate coolness and you have no problem using that to fight your battles. But there's always something that you just cant seem to get a hold of. and that one thing seems to be your driving force.












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Date:2005-05-28 22:18
Subject:Yay, updates!
Mood: In the Mood ;-)

So I started looking for a second job last week, and last night, I worked my first night at my second job! I'm a buser at Julia's on Broadway. I got $26 in tips last night. Hooray. So, thats exciting. Go me.

Lisa's back! Yay. That makes me happy.

I went and saw Brighton Beach Memoirs tonight at Riverside, but it was Auburn High's production. It was pretty sweet. They did an awesome job. I was so proud of Miss Catherine. Good job guys!!!

I'm trying to plan my night. It doesn't look too good.

Thats all.

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Date:2005-05-20 17:12

Your Star Wars Identity by _blast_tyrant_
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I'm my own arch rival!!!

Oh, and take that Noe!

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Date:2005-05-18 14:36
Subject:Go figure

Your Deadly Sins

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Pride: 40%

Sloth: 40%

Envy: 20%

Gluttony: 20%

Greed: 20%

Lust: 0%

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You will die, but first you will turn into an evil robot.

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Date:2005-05-13 22:10
Subject:Needed to share
Mood: chipper

I hope someone appreciates this...

There is a movie coming out on Tuesday called MosquitoMan.

I find this quite amusing, don't you?

Anyway...I'm at the internet cafe eating delicious macaroni and cheeze. Thats not how you spell that. Anyway, I'm on my break. I'm going to be shift lead soon. I hope. It will be awesomeness. And my apartment looks great. So happy happy. I think I'm going to have a party. Like a housewarming party because its just mine and I'm happy happy. (joy joy) Then people should come to it.

My eye has been twitching kinda nonstop for 5 days. Is that bad?

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Date:2005-05-05 22:10
Subject:(No Subject)
Mood: confused

Today has been just peachy.

I woke up at about 10:23 to Jen knocking on the door. I had an amazing night and was looking forward to a good sleep in. She reminded me of confrences. Shit. I had completely forgotten that I had a confrence at 10:30. Luckily hers was at 10:45, so I didn't make her late. I made it to my conference at 10:35. Not too bad.

I went through three conferences all right. Good times, nothing to out of the ordinary. Things I heard before. Thinkgs I knew I had to work on, and then I realized that my mom was going to be arriving at my apartment in a few minutes. So I had to rush back up the hill and clean up the Smirnoff bottles, etc.

Turns out she didn't show up for another half an hour (go figure) so all rushing was in vain. I should have known better.

Anyway dance showings were today, so my mom just haaaad to come and see it. I tapped. It was fine. I accidentally locked my keys in my apartment, so I asked Holly if she had turned in her key yet. She replied "yeah of course, why?" and I said that I was just wondering because I left my keys at home. Then she said "oh, well maybe I still have them" and she did. What the crap? She knew she had them. Whatever.

So then we went to lunch and that was yummy. We bought tickets to see Grease at the Paramount next weekend. Frankie Avalon is playing the teen angel. Weird. When walking back from lunch to her car, she fell down and was crying and screaming. She scraped her elbow and banged up her knee pretty good. But she sure did make a scene. Luckily it happened right next to Hollywood Video, so I took her in there and helped her clean up.

Then she went home and I worked on Creative Writing stuff a bit, and went to class, wrote a good chunk of my story, and got an extension on the due date for my assignment. Then I had dinner (ate too much and felt sick) and then went to work.

So far at work I have noticed that it is Crazy Customer Day. They're all just being ridiculous people. Sam's laughing at me because he noticed that just my luck, I'm getting all of said customers. Whatever. I'm on break right now, escapaing from it all, but my hook on my Dickie pants broke and I don't know what to do. I can't find a safety pin and I can't work like this!

Anyway, on a good note, Ian called me and informed me that we are in fact going to Canada this weekend! Hurah!

And its back to the purple prison I go.

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Date:2005-05-04 15:09
Subject:Just for fun...
Mood: happy

Skeleton key
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Date:2005-05-01 03:38
Subject:Just an update
Mood: drunk?

I have never been drunk....

Until possibly now?

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Date:2005-04-30 11:40
Mood: hopeful

Just chillin at Kerry Hall. Avoiding any and all unpleasantness that will be going down at my apartment. Thats right, MY APARTMENT. Now that thats out of the way.

Yeah, so she was supposed to move out today, but I came home last night and nothing had been moved yet and she was just sitting on the couch and I asked her if she planned on being out by Saturday night, and she told me she didn't have enough money so she was going to have to stay here another week.... WHAT???? So I asked if she planned on helping pay the rent while she was still here at this apartment. (If I prorated it, it would be 12 dollars a day for her) And she said, "I don't have anymore money, I can't". What the hell? Oh, so I'm just going to let you live in my apartment for nothing? I already let her get away with the stupid deposit bullshit she threw a fit over. So I said, fine whatever I don't care, and left in a huff.

Anyway, so then I went over to Ian's. He rented a lightboard for Mother's Tea and he was playing with it. It was awesome. It makes me glad that I don't do drugs because I would have really freaked out at all the colors and shapes. Haha. And then a bunch of Crazies came over, and they were all drunk and belligerant (right Lillith?) and Ian was getting really irritated. Oh and Shawn's friends are over from Spokane. They're pretty cool. I've met them before, anyway, no one really enjoyed the company of the Crazies, so Ian said he was going to bed and that they needed to move their way to the door. I think they were too drunk to realize he was totally kicking them out.

Anyway, they left and he didn't go to bed, he ranted about them. So Adam, Robert, Shawn, Ian and I sat up for a while talking (no, wait Robert was sleeping, and then Shawn went to his room...) and then it was time for Ian to go to bed, and he said I could stay if I wanted, so I slept in his bed. (Hey you crazy kids, nothing happened)

So then I woke up when he left to go to Kerry Hall, chatted with Shawn and his buddies, and decided to go home, only to find the microwave, the kitchen table and chairs, some endtables and other random items missing from my apartment. YESSSSSS. Evidently the beginning of this rant is all in vain, and my anger was wasted energy because the psycho got the message. She is gonna be GONE!

So to make a long story short (too late) I'm over here, because I don't want to be there when she is moving out because there will be tension and drama. Bah. That is all folks.

PS. The show is going really well.

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Date:2005-04-27 11:59
Mood: Random

Oh my goodness. Its here! Opening night!!! I have that song from the Producers stuck in my head, as well as "Another Openin', Another Show" from Kiss Me, Kate. They messed up on how many seats there are in the theatre and a lot of people are having to be turned away. They even had to randomly cross names off the list. I am hoping that those names aren't mine. I didn't get to see the list. Well, I didn't really have anyone coming tonight, its Friday I'm worried about.

But hey, its going to be a packed house, thats awesome right? Hopefully the audience will respond to my monologue...the one where I am talking directly to the audience. I NEED them to respond.
What if they don't?
What if I mess up?
What if I fall?
Break something?

Calm down Brynne, you're freaking yourself out.

Ok...anyway. Dorian gave me a ride home last night. Thats it, nothing more, nothing funny. (sadly) But hey, it was really nice of him. We're gonna kick it sometime when I'm out of school. I think I'll seduce him...

Oh yeah, and this weekend was fun times. Had two different boys to myself. (Hence the new name on Myspace) One was Friday night, and the other Saturday night. Its amazing what you can accomplish when you really put your mind to it.

And Dustin knows I like him. He said he wants me to tell him, and not find out from someone else. Great. So, he wants me to tell him so that he can shoot me down? Crappy. Wish me luck on that one.

Oh and wish me luck in my play. YIKES!

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Date:2005-04-20 22:23

Reply with your name and I'll tell you something I adore about you. Afterwards, copy and paste this into your own journal.

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