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Just chillin at Kerry Hall. Avoiding any and all unpleasantness that will be going down at my apartment. Thats right, MY APARTMENT. Now that thats out of the way.

Yeah, so she was supposed to move out today, but I came home last night and nothing had been moved yet and she was just sitting on the couch and I asked her if she planned on being out by Saturday night, and she told me she didn't have enough money so she was going to have to stay here another week.... WHAT???? So I asked if she planned on helping pay the rent while she was still here at this apartment. (If I prorated it, it would be 12 dollars a day for her) And she said, "I don't have anymore money, I can't". What the hell? Oh, so I'm just going to let you live in my apartment for nothing? I already let her get away with the stupid deposit bullshit she threw a fit over. So I said, fine whatever I don't care, and left in a huff.

Anyway, so then I went over to Ian's. He rented a lightboard for Mother's Tea and he was playing with it. It was awesome. It makes me glad that I don't do drugs because I would have really freaked out at all the colors and shapes. Haha. And then a bunch of Crazies came over, and they were all drunk and belligerant (right Lillith?) and Ian was getting really irritated. Oh and Shawn's friends are over from Spokane. They're pretty cool. I've met them before, anyway, no one really enjoyed the company of the Crazies, so Ian said he was going to bed and that they needed to move their way to the door. I think they were too drunk to realize he was totally kicking them out.

Anyway, they left and he didn't go to bed, he ranted about them. So Adam, Robert, Shawn, Ian and I sat up for a while talking (no, wait Robert was sleeping, and then Shawn went to his room...) and then it was time for Ian to go to bed, and he said I could stay if I wanted, so I slept in his bed. (Hey you crazy kids, nothing happened)

So then I woke up when he left to go to Kerry Hall, chatted with Shawn and his buddies, and decided to go home, only to find the microwave, the kitchen table and chairs, some endtables and other random items missing from my apartment. YESSSSSS. Evidently the beginning of this rant is all in vain, and my anger was wasted energy because the psycho got the message. She is gonna be GONE!

So to make a long story short (too late) I'm over here, because I don't want to be there when she is moving out because there will be tension and drama. Bah. That is all folks.

PS. The show is going really well.
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