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Today has been just peachy.

I woke up at about 10:23 to Jen knocking on the door. I had an amazing night and was looking forward to a good sleep in. She reminded me of confrences. Shit. I had completely forgotten that I had a confrence at 10:30. Luckily hers was at 10:45, so I didn't make her late. I made it to my conference at 10:35. Not too bad.

I went through three conferences all right. Good times, nothing to out of the ordinary. Things I heard before. Thinkgs I knew I had to work on, and then I realized that my mom was going to be arriving at my apartment in a few minutes. So I had to rush back up the hill and clean up the Smirnoff bottles, etc.

Turns out she didn't show up for another half an hour (go figure) so all rushing was in vain. I should have known better.

Anyway dance showings were today, so my mom just haaaad to come and see it. I tapped. It was fine. I accidentally locked my keys in my apartment, so I asked Holly if she had turned in her key yet. She replied "yeah of course, why?" and I said that I was just wondering because I left my keys at home. Then she said "oh, well maybe I still have them" and she did. What the crap? She knew she had them. Whatever.

So then we went to lunch and that was yummy. We bought tickets to see Grease at the Paramount next weekend. Frankie Avalon is playing the teen angel. Weird. When walking back from lunch to her car, she fell down and was crying and screaming. She scraped her elbow and banged up her knee pretty good. But she sure did make a scene. Luckily it happened right next to Hollywood Video, so I took her in there and helped her clean up.

Then she went home and I worked on Creative Writing stuff a bit, and went to class, wrote a good chunk of my story, and got an extension on the due date for my assignment. Then I had dinner (ate too much and felt sick) and then went to work.

So far at work I have noticed that it is Crazy Customer Day. They're all just being ridiculous people. Sam's laughing at me because he noticed that just my luck, I'm getting all of said customers. Whatever. I'm on break right now, escapaing from it all, but my hook on my Dickie pants broke and I don't know what to do. I can't find a safety pin and I can't work like this!

Anyway, on a good note, Ian called me and informed me that we are in fact going to Canada this weekend! Hurah!

And its back to the purple prison I go.
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