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Crazy Crazy Dream...

I had a dream that I was in the car with my mom and nana, and they were taking me to a surprise location. Halfway there they tell me that they entered me in the Sweeper Pageant as a surprise and everything is ready, I just have to show up. They chose my song for me (Tomorrow, from Annie) and that Holly Brewer whipped up a little outfit for the number. While in the car my nana hands me 87 cents. (3 quarters, a dime and 2 pennies) I recognize this as an achievement award, that she gives me only when I win. Then she says, oops I guess I shouldn't have shown you until after the pageant. In my dream this reassures me that I'm going to win and she already knows it, its guaranteed, but when I woke up and thought about it logically, I would have just thought she was being optimistic. I get there and everyone is glad to see me, but a lot of people whisper behind their hands. (I felt like Harry Potter) I can't find my stuff (i.e. my dress and shoes and makeup) so someone tells me to find Holly on the 250 level of the building. I walk around feeling very confident, knowing I'm going to win. When I reach the landing on the stairs, my cell phone rings, and I recognize it as the ringtone I set for when Catherine calls. Thats when I wake up to Catherine calling me.

Crazy. I think the Annie song comes from my subconcious reminding me that I need to buy Annie tickets. And the Holly Brewer thing, because she hasn't e-mailed me back, and in my dream I couldn't find her, or my costume that I was told she made me (my packet that should have been sent but I haven't gotten yet). The whole pageant thing is kinda weird, but I've had a dream before where I was just entered in a pageant and I found out day-of. It happened the year before I was actually in the Miss Auburn Pageant.

Which brings me to my next topic (or, really the topic of the whole entry) The Miss Auburn Pageant. I plan on doing it again, but its going to be really tight, no matter which show I am cast in. I have to talk to them and ask for a rough schedule of the first few weeks, because no matter what, I will miss 2 weekends, one for the tech rehearsal, and one for the show. I did this the last year when I was crewing for a show. I dunno though. I wanna do it, and I can really use the money, but I have to be ready for it, (i.e. have a song picked out, and good idea of a dress, and other outfits) way before it even happens and has cause to stress me out. I could really use some advice from Rae and Liz right now, and anyone else who thinks they might have an opinion. Thanks guys.
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